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Can I use the close-up lens on the mini 11 / mini 12 for further away subjects?

The close-up lens will only work on subjects that are 30-50cm away. If you use it on a subject further away than this, it may not work.

Why are my SQ1/SQ40 images coming out blurry?

Double-check that you have not got your camera in selfie mode. 1 twist of the lens takes you to the normal mode and two twists takes you to selfie mode. Selfie mode should only be used on subjects 30-50cm away from you.

Why are there white spots / lines consistently on my film?

If there is something in the rollers, like debris or plastic, this could cause spots or lines on the film. Simply look in the camera at the rollers and try to remove the debris. If it cannot be removed, this will need to be repaired.

Why is the lens mechanism not ejecting?

Within the camera, there is a spring mechanism which ejects the lens when pressed. This may break due to a bump, drop or a faulty part which means when the button is pressed the lens does not eject. The camera will need to be repaired.

Why is my camera showing an orange flashing light?

This is usually a battery issue. The light will be flashing if the batteries are low on charge, batteries are placed incorrectly, or the wrong batteries are used. Be sure that alkaline batteries are used. If the issue persists, this will be an internal board issue which will mean the camera has to be replaced as this is unrepairable.

Why does the film counter shows incorrect number of shots left?

The film exposure counter will reset if the back of the camera is opened whilst film is loaded. For example, if someone opens the back cover after 6 shots have been taken, the counter will then show a full 10 left when in fact there are only 4.

Why is my film coming out black?

This could be one of two things. If the lens does not eject fully, the shutter does not open and when a picture is taken it will be black. Be sure the button is fully pressed, and the lens has ejected fully with the shutter open. This could also be faulty film, if the second picture is also black be sure to replace the film.

Why are the lights flashing on the front of my mini 9/mini 11/mini 12?

Lights flashing usually mean there is a battery error. We recommend changing the batteries in your camera/printer and using alkaline batteries. It's also best to change them whilst your camera is in the on position.

Why is the film getting jammed in my camera?

If a film pack is forced into the camera, this could damage the pack and cause the film to jam the camera. When removing the film, take care not to damage the mechanism that pushes the film through the camera as if this is damaged it is unrepairable. If a film is forced backwards, this damages both the camera and film and could mean the camera is also unrepairable.

What temperatures can my camera/printer operate in?

We recommend using he camera between 5°C-40°C (41°F-104°F). If taking images below 5°C, keep developing the picture in a warm place.