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Why are my photos coming out too dark/too bright/not focused?

This is usually due to choosing the incorrect setting on the dial found on the front of the camera. Before taking the picture, always look at the front of the lens to check if the dot on the lens aligns with the light that is lit (in orange). If it is in the wrong setting, the photos can come out too bright or too dark.

With INSTAX mini 11, there are no settings. On one side are your viewfinder and flash. On the other are two dots. One or both are your light meter. The camera uses these to automatically determine how bright it is. If you accidentally cover the light meter with your fingers, your camera will think it is very dark and the shutter will open more to allow more light in, and you will get a very over exposed image. Again, if this persists this could be a camera fault and will need to be inspected.