It’s here! Introducing the new INSTAX MINI 99

The new MINI 99 camera has officially arrived, and it’s our most creative yet! This camera can be used to create one-of-a-kind instant photos that are as unique as you are. With different light controls and colour effects, this premium instant camera gives you the real analogue experience. 

There’s so much more to this camera, so find out below just exactly what makes it so special. 

Classic finish 📷 

The sharp and capturing matte black design, sleek and easy dials and button brings out the retro vibes on every part of this camera. There are also two identical shutter buttons, one on the side for landscape shots and one on the front for portrait, perfect for a versatile shooter. Not only that but it’s also tripod ready, perfect for those group shots that no one can sit out for. 

There’s also 3 different lens focuses for whatever creative mood you’re in – landscape is there for stunning distance images, macro for the perfect close-up and standard mode for everything in between. 

Colour them your way 🌈 

MINI 99 also features the first of its kind and arguably the most fun feature of the camera – the colour effect dial. Twist the dial to see the 6 amazing effects to step up your photography game: faded green, warm tone, light blue, soft magenta, sepia and light leak. Powered by LED lights within the camera, these colour effects mean no two images you shoot will ever be the same, and all as unique as you! 

It also comes with another new switch, the manual vignette switch. You can use this to add a retro and artistic shaded frame around the frame of your image. There’s so many possibilities!!

Five levels of brightness 💡 

As well as all of the amazing colour effects you can achieve with this camera, you can also adjust exposure level with the brightness control dial. Want to add some brightness to your group shots, or bring some darkness to your artsy selfie? Adjust the dial to the setting that’s best for you. 

There’s so many more AMAZING features! 

Selfie mode 🤳 – create the ultimate self portrait by twisting the lens into Macro mode and use the mirror on the front of the camera to create the perfect shot. 

Flash controls 💥 – tired of having red eyes in your images, or too much flash ruining a shot? With the INSTAX MINI 99 you can choose the flash function to match the style you’re looking for. 

Shooting modes 🏃 – There are also so many ways and different places you can use the camera, and the shooting modes can help no matter the scenario. 

  • Auto mode is perfect for everyday snapping 
  • Indoor mode brings light to dark indoor settings 
  • Sports mode is perfect for shooting those who don’t stand still 
  • Double exposure mode takes two shots and imposes them into one to create artsy and unique images AND; 
  • Bulb exposure mode allows you to capture light streaks and cool night scenes.  

There are so many possibilities, we don’t even know where to begin! 

So, what's the difference between MINI 90 and MINI 99? 

The MINI 99 features many of the various modes of the MINI 90 but has two extra functions which make it stand out from the crowd: colour effect control which uses four LEDs inside the camera to create the various colour effects which can be chosen on the camera, and vignette mode which reduces peripheral light and focuses on the centre of the image. 

This camera will be your new bestie if you’re looking to create unique, fun and artistic images 🎨 

 It’s available to purchase from 22nd April from all your fave stores, including John Lewis, Jessops and the FUJIFILM e-shop. In the meantime, don’t just take our word for it. See just how good it is below and learn more here. 


Come with me on a staycation captured on my INSTAX MINI 99 instant camera, link in my bio to find out more 📸 #INSTAX #INSTAXMINI99 ad @Instax

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