Fun ways to use your instax camera at prom

Your prom is an occasion you'll remember forever, and if you're anything like us, by the end of the night your camera roll will be full of pics of you and your besties.

You might not have thought about taking an instant camera with you, but being able to snap, print and share your memories in the moment will give you something you can all look back on and enjoy.

FUJIFILM instax cameras make way for instant, fun prints — ready and primed for you to share on the night or to decorate your bedroom or new uni halls with.

Start getting ready for a memorable night with these prom photo ideas and tips. We’ve even added a few creative ways to display your prom pictures at home or wherever life takes you next.

Your new night-out essential

Leaving your pictures to sit on your phone should be a thing of the past. instax cameras mean you get your prom photos instantly. 

The best bit? Waiting and watching to see the picture develop right before your eyes. Plus, there's something incredibly satisfying about holding a physical photo in your hands just moments after taking it.

Nostalgic feel meets modern technology

instax cameras give your prom photos a unique vintage vibe with the benefit of vibrant colour production. Whether you're snapping a cute pic with your S.O. or a group shot with your mates, don’t forget to use instax up! to scan and share them all on social media.

Creative prom photo ideas with instax

The best part of prom has to be celebrating with your friends. It’s the final party before everyone moves on to bigger and better things. Make every flash of your instax instant camera count with our prom photo poses and ideas.

  • Poses for you and your S.O: It’s time to give traditional prom poses a twist. Have fun with it! Look away from the camera and hold hands, pull funny faces while looking at each other, or attempt a good old-fashioned dip kiss.
  • Group shots: Dare to try and jump all at the same time, attempt a pyramid pose for some authentic candids, or try and capture everyone’s best side while getting ready before the event.
  • Make use of what’s around you: Your school or college will have a few decorations and accessories dotted around the venue — so, use them. Pose by the balloon arch, use the photo booth as a background, get the group together in front of the sweet cart, or under the twinkling lights of the dancefloor. 
  • Don’t sleep on the selfie: instax cameras have a built-in selfie mode, making it super easy to snap the perfect selfie with your besties.

6 ways to display instax prints taken at your prom

Once you’ve got your instax prints ready, all that’s left to do is to display them.

Create a prom photo album

Keep your prom photos in one place by creating a prom photo album designed for instax prints.

Arrange the photos in chronological order, from getting ready to the after-party. Next, add hand-written captions and funny quotes from the night. You can even add stickers, and little mementoes like ticket stubs, dried flowers or confetti from the venue.

Make a fairy light photo wall

A fairy light photo wall is not only a great way to display your photos but also a great room decor idea — no matter whether you’re off to uni, drama college, or starting a new full-time job. 

Grab yourself some fairy lights, mini wooden washing pegs or clips, and your instax prom photos. Start hanging the fairy lights on your wall in a pattern of your choice, and use the clothespins to clip your photos onto the lights for a warm and cosy display.

Put together an instax display board

Creating an instax display board is a fun and easy DIY project. It’s perfect if you have a crafty streak or fancy a moment of reminiscing. Many uni and college accommodations even come with a big pinboard for you to use as your base.

Find yourself a corkboard, string, and mini wooden washing pegs or clips. You can also add accessories like wristbands, tickets, or anything else that reminds you of your school experience. Attach the string across the board, and use the pegs or clips to hang your photos. Why not combine fairy lights or a washi-tape border to personalise it a bit more?

Put a snap in your phone case

Carry a piece of prom with you everywhere you go. Pick your favourite photo from the night. It could be a cute picture of you and your partner or a fun group photo of the people you’ve grown up with. 

Use a clear phone case, pop it on the back of your phone, and then you can switch out the photo whenever you want.

Write goodbye notes

As the night comes to an end, why not leave a little surprise for your friends? Using your instax photos as personalised goodbye notes is a sentimental way to remember the bonds you’ve made.

Make sure you take instax photos with these people and write a heartfelt message on the bottom of each photo to create a heartfelt keepsake. It could be an inside joke, a special memory, or a simple thank you.

Add them to your yearbook

Your yearbook is already filled with memories, but adding instax photos can make it even more special. Stick a group shot of the netball girls on the sports page, or maybe a photo of your final footy game with the lads. You can even add washi tape or relevant stickers to hold them in place. Normal tape will do just fine too, though.

A night to remember with instax

With the FUJIFILM instax camera in your hand, you can capture every moment of your prom in an instant. From creative prom photo poses to the many ways you can display your prom pictures. there are endless possibilities to make sure your school memories never fade.

Explore our range of instant cameras and compare our instax models to find your perfect match.

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